Nic Ramsden

Nic Ramsden graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design in 1996 (now UCA Canterbury) and lived with artist Carne Griffiths and Dan Baldwin in his final year. Living and working in East Sussex, originally practising with collagraph etching with Brenda Hartill’s Globe Studios, London in the late 90s, Nic Ramsden now experiments with the found objects, box art, work on paper and being inspired by Philosophy and visual languages through mark making. He explores the confusion of memory and dyslexia through the concept of absurdism.

Nicholas Ramsden is a painter print-maker enthused by the curious. As a mountain leader and paddle coach, the artist is very much connected in the landscape however his main influence is more philosophical. Who we are how we perceive the world and explores the 'Self Concept' idea and the 'Alien self'. "Language and 'the visual' are all non existent. the brain has to interpret the senses, there after it's an illusion". As curator of Nicholas Ramsden Gallery the artist is very excited in bringing together friends who share 'this curiosity.

Nicholas Ramsden

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