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'Why original art is worth it?'

By Reem Acason

The purchase of original art should not purely be a financial transaction, it should also be a transaction of the heart and soul; you select an artwork because it somehow speaks to you. In choosing an original artwork you get to furnish your home with a item you love. You get to wake up each morning knowing that you are the only person in the world to enjoy that particular view, to see your artwork's shapes, colours and mood subtly change as the light of the seasons change.


' am lucky enough to own several original artworks; every time I look at them hanging on my walls at home I am transported to the gallery, studio or auction house where they were bought or into the company of the person who made them. They become souvenirs of the different times, places and people of your life.

Mayfield Arts Open Studio
Event details for May 2018 TBC shortly
May 10, 2018, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Open Studio Sept 2017
A wonderful open studio at Eidolon in Mark Cross East Sussex as part of the Crowborough Art Open Studio with Nic Ramsden, Reem Acason and Carne Griffiths. Great local turn out and such a pleasure exhibiting together. This event sparked the idea of the Nicholas Ramsden Gallery.

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