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Bell Project 2020

Mark Cross Chapel, East Sussex

Bell Pull WEB.jpg

              Bell pull               

MCCC Hall Shot WEB.jpg

St Marks Hall

Bell Bracket WEB.jpg

Bell bracket

Bell Project was an installation utilising items removed from Mark Cross chapel before being converted to the village community centre in 2018. Built as the village school in 1897, it became a church in the 1950s.


The installation incorporates 3 overlooked objects: Bell pull, Bell bracket and Bell anxle. Bell considers the children and congragation who would have heard the peels of the bell, now long gone.

Bell Axel 2019 WEB.jpg

Bell anxle                    

Bell Bracket Reflection WEB.jpg
Bell Axel Detail WEB.jpg
Bell Bracket Detail WEB.jpg
Bell Pull Detail WEB.jpg
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